Quality Innovation Award 2021

Online Gala Event

Award categories 2020

  1. Potential innovations
  2. For all innovations that are “still on paper” and have not been tested in the market yet;

  3. Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations
  4. For innovations that have a clear environmental focus;

  5. Health care sector innovations
  6. For innovations in the health care sector;

  7. Education sector innovations
  8. For innovations in the education sector;

  9. Public sector innovations
  10. For innovations in the public / municipal sector;

  11. Business innovations (Micro & startup companies)
  12. For companies with turnover less than 2 million EUR and less than 10 employees;

  13. Business innovations (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises)
  14. For companies with turnover less than 50 million EUR and less than 250 employees;

  15. Business innovations (Large companies)
  16. For companies with turnover more than 50 million EUR and/or more than 250 employees.

3 winners in each category are selected by an international jury each year and announced at the awards ceremony

All interested individuals and companies will be (after registration) able to get acquainted online with the essence of the 25 winning innovations and follow the award ceremony.

More information you can found here

Agenda 2021.